Coop DeVille Chicken Coop With 4' X 8' X 48" Tall Run (Basic)

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  • Coop DeVille Insulated Chicken Coop
  • 4' X 8' X 48" Tall Welded Wire Chicken Run
  • 4' X 8' Enclosed Wire Top
  • Connection Hardware


  • Inside measurements Size: 34” Deep x 31” Wide x 29” tall
  • Outside measurements: 42” Deep x 35” Wide x 36” Tall
  • Door Size: 13” wide and 17” Tall


  • The Pull up sliding door is clear, allowing light inside the coop for more productive egg laying.
  • The Door Collar extends out past the coop and into a run, allowing for the coop to be placed outside the run. Giving your chickens more room to forage.
  • The 2” thick double wall construction is Insulated with foam keeping your chickens warm in Winter and cool in Summer.
  • This coop is made of UV resistant High-Density Polyethylene. That is resistant to impact and is maintenance free. It will not rot, weather or splitter.
  • Closeable vents allowing for cross through ventilation inside the coop.
  • Compatible with all sizes of Chicken Condo’s Welded Wire Runs, large or small.
  • Comes with two nesting boxes are just inside the small egg door at the back of the coop.
  • The hinged roof makes it easy to access your chickens and clean inside the coop.
  • Assembles in 5 to 10 minutes without tools
  • Wooden roosting bars are included

The Chicken Condos 4' X 4' Urban Chicken Coop with 4' X 8' Basic Run is a tremendous value and includes just about everything one could possibly need to keep their chickens safe, sound, and secure. Our 14 gauge Powder Coated Steel panels provide unmatched protection against predators of all stripes, especially when coupled with the included Corrugated Metal Roofing. Add our Predator Digging Prevention System so that you can rest easy with the knowledge that your flock is well protected! This Basic package also includes our 4' X 4' Coop, which features steel-frame construction, warm, wood interior and an all-weather wood exterior siding that not only looks great, but will last for years to come!

33 Items
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